A lot of companies build houses. Brown Construction Inc. seeks to build “distinctive custom residences.” Given that you spend so much time in your home, it should be carefully thought-out and executed. A good home has many aesthetically pleasing features, but a great home has many hidden features.  Brown Construction’s craftsmen have the expertise and the experience to make your home distinctive. 

Many of our clients do not have a final plan in mind when they meet with us for the first time. Many may be working with an architect, while others may only have a vague idea of what they are looking for. If a client does not have a plan, we work with them to develop a final design with our own in-house designer. In addition, we have many great relationships with several local architects and designers with whom we build a collaborative working relationship. We feel that great homes are borne out of great planning. We do not start by discussing how great the cabinets and trim will be; we focus on the fundamentals:

Healthy Home

Your home should be one of the healthiest places to be since you spend so much time there. Indoor air quality should be a top priority and there are simple technologies that we can employ to assure the owner of a healthy environment. Low VOC’s and many other items are considered for your safety

Energy Efficiency

Your home should be carefully sited to take advantage of the sun, the light, and views. Despite the fact that there are many technologies available to us to provide energy efficient homes, there are also some “low-tech” ways to provide a 20-30% more energy efficiency in your home by simply being thoughtful about the orientation of your home on the site to take advantage of the sun and natural shading.

Your home should be designed with advanced energy saving systems. There are a number of ways that we can achieve significant efficiency in a home.


Your home should be built in an environmentally responsible way. We ascribe to build homes in a way that causes minimal impact on the environment that we all share

No Worries.

Brown Construction provides full turn-key service for you Residential Project. We are known for quality first construction, We Build as if its our Own!